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Did you know that Monaco has a hidden, natural beach?

Fisherman’s Cove, the hidden beach of Monaco
Fisherman’s Cove, the hidden beach of Monaco / Photo: Zsolt Szemerszky

Entirely formed by nature, the Fisherman’s Cove is a small and totally secluded beach next to the Rock and the Prince’s palace. This very narrow, gravel-coated beach is often visited by residents who are looking for a peaceful and quiet time, away from the always buzzing and touristic beaches.

People often visit this place for meditation, as well as to see and enjoy the waves slamming against the rocks. The sea is often rough on the beach because of the yachts bypassing Monaco. 

Fisherman’s Cove, the hidden beach of Monaco
Fisherman’s Cove, the hidden beach of Monaco / Photo: Zsolt Szemerszky

The Fisherman’s Cove is not under surveillance and thus swimming, due to the strong waves is only recommended for good swimmers. When the sea is rough, access is prohibited and very dangerous.

The beach is accessible via steep stairs from the fisherman’s path. The easiest way to get to this beach is to park in the fisherman’s car park. From there exit at level -3 then turn left before the tunnel. The stairs leading to the beach are a few meters away. You can also gain access to it from the dike Rainier III at Port Hercule, just follow the directions of the palace.

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