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Interesting Monaco facts

Did you know that Monaco has a hero from the legendary Titanic ship?

RMS Titanic

Most of the people saw James Cameron’s iconic movie the Titanic, well Monaco has a forgotten hero related to the ill-fated Titanic ship. Roger Marie Léon Joseph Bricoux was one of the legendary Titanic musicians, a brave cello player who never left the sinking ship. The 20-year-old Monaco resident Roger Marie Léon Joseph Bricoux, was…

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Did you know that H.S.H. Princess Grace personally helped Josephine Baker?

Josephine Baker

Two Americans who have gained worldwide fame had a strong friendship. In the mid-1960s, when Josephine Baker lost her entire fortune, the Princess of Monaco personally came to her help, offering her a home for life. The Principality cares for its celebrity visitors. Josephine Baker was one such recipient, who was a huge star and…

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Did you know that the Principality of Monaco has a manufacture for small orbital satellites?

Orbital Solutions

Orbital Solutions Monaco (OSM) is a company headed by Francesco M. Bongiovanni, which manufactures small satellites known as “nanosatellites”. Orbital Solutions Monaco (OSM), was founded in the Principlaity of Monaco and it is focusing on assembly, integration and testing of nanosatellites. These satellites, which are as big as two shoe boxes, weigh ten kilos and…

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