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Did you know that the Principality of Monaco has a manufacture for small orbital satellites?

Orbital Solutions
Orbital Solutions

Orbital Solutions Monaco (OSM) is a company headed by Francesco M. Bongiovanni, which manufactures small satellites known as “nanosatellites”.

Orbital Solutions Monaco (OSM), was founded in the Principlaity of Monaco and it is focusing on assembly, integration and testing of nanosatellites.

These satellites, which are as big as two shoe boxes, weigh ten kilos and can perform functions formerly performed by gear, weighing several hundred kilograms or even tons.

Nanosatellites are directly derived from technologies developed for smartphones and laptops. 

Orbital Solutions Prince Albert
HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco visits Orbital Solutions

The miniaturization of components and spacecraft and the dramatic lowering of production and launch costs of satellites is leading to a revolution in the use of space. 

What was previously the preserve of large companies and consortia is now open to young enterprises springing up all over the world. They are full of new ideas about how small satellites technology can be used to make a better world. 

The revolution brought about by this ‘democratization’  in the use of space is just starting and the possibilities are immense, with applications ranging from climate and environment missions to communications, from IoT to tracking assets and much more.

Orbital Solutions Monaco built a nanosatellite called “OSM1 Cicero”. Its lifespan is 4 to 5 years, on a low orbit (450 km altitude). 

The OSM1 Cicero was designed with the purpose to collect accurate atmospheric data based on sophisticated “radio occultation” technology, originally developed by NASA.

It has been said that small satellites are going to become an essential element in facing global challenges. At Orbital Solutions Monaco they are passionate about actively participating in this revolution, and believe the best solutions stem from a fully collaborative approach among different actors from the promising world of ‘New Space’.

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